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Thank you,
Your MBAETZ Team


thank you again for the excellent and friendly service, Ms. Bätz, which I will certainly recommend further! I have signed up for the newsletter, thank you very much, also for the shopping voucher and the offer with the 40% discount on the TORCH... because of the name alone I should actually buy it: I am a glass bead maker, and the torch (engl. "torch") is my main tool. ;-)

Thanks again, it was a pleasure to meet you and to hear your precise professional advice. I will definitely come back!

G. Haag, 11.06.2024

Dear Ms. Baetz and Team,

Thank you for the incredibly comfortable shoes! I really like them and already wore them today!


Tatjana S.|31.05.2024

Dear Ms. Baetz,

It's just as you said. The beige Moma clog fits perfectly, and I am really delighted with this beautiful shoe.

Thank you for your excellent advice! Sincerely,

Eva H.|24.04.2024

I just received the shoes today, I just wanted to let you know that they fit me perfectly, and they are stunning.. I so appreciate the beauty of the craftsmanship that went into these, as well as the unique style. I've been looking for these shoes for a very long time....❣️


Thank you very much for the prompt processing of my order, the shoes have arrived in good condition and fit perfectly! Best regards to you,
Best regards to you,

Barbara C.S|02/04/2024

Sometimes a picture says more than thousands words....

Isolde W.|January 17, 2024

Dear Mrs. Baetz,

The shoes have arrived today and fit perfectly :-)

Great style and fine philosophy - I will be happy to order from you more often.
Warm regards to you

Heike M. | January 16, 2024

Dear Mrs. Bätz,

the lovely Cydwoq have arrived, fit me well, and I really like them. I will wear them with pleasure. Here's an idea from me to make the Crönert leg warmers more versatile. I've inserted two identical zippers for removable use into the seams, creating new possibilities for use.

Best regards,

G.K. | January 13, 2024

Dear Mrs. Baetz,

Thank you so much for the beautiful red boots. I am thrilled - and then there's the price. It's just perfect. Luckily, the shoes also fit perfectly. And: ordered on Thursday - they were here by Monday. That was super fast! Thank you very much!

Warm greetings from the icy Schorfheide,

Kim D. | January 10, 2024

Dear Team from MBaetz,

This is just a quick note of thanks: the shoes arrived in record time! Three days, I think. They were delivered on Wednesday and I love both pairs. The Arches are fabulous, but they always are. They will be great for all manner of kicking around, as it were. The Lotus of Holland (I may be miswriting their name) are so comfortable - and I am glad they were only available in 39.5, as they fit just right (they seem to be tighter at first, but then open up).

Thank you very much for stocking such great shoes, sending them across the world with lightening speed, and being the best customer service business I’ve ever encountered.

Best wishes for the weekend for now!

M. B.|12.01.2024

Dear Mrs. Bätz,

the DEER boots arrived so quickly! Thank you. The smell of the leather reminds me of my bread bag in which I used to keep my school lunch as a first-grader (1960!!!). I know how durable the Trippen models are, as my shoe closet still contains one of the first lace-up boot models from the 1980s, from the last century!

The price is majestic, and so are the boots! Wishing you a joyful, colorful, and relaxed pre-Christmas season and continued positive experiences for your extraordinarily charming and individually run business in the coming year.

Even though I usually (almost) don't shop online and prefer supporting local retail stores, shopping with you is a special pleasure. (Trippen isn't available here, not even in Hannover!) Ordering and buying online is so anonymous - but not with you, and that's what makes it great!!!

Keep it up! Best regards,

A. Funke|07.12.2023

Dear Mrs. Bätz,

Thank you so much for the beautiful Trippen bag. I am so fond of this model, and the black one feels very comfortable alongside the dark brown and cognac-colored ones. A lovely Christmas present ????.

Wishing you and your loved ones a peaceful and relaxing Christmas season ☃️????????.

Anja W.|10.12.23

Dear Mechthild Bätz,

my ArcheShoes have just arrived! They fit wonderfully! Now I absolutely have to tell you that I am totally thrilled

  • by the extremely fast delivery
  • by the handwritten "delivery note"
  • and last but not least, that even a Mechthild has "tied" my package!

Thank you very much and stormy weekend greetings from Stuttgart

Mechthild S.H.|10.11.23

Dear Mrs. Bätz,

just wanted to let you know that the Trippen shoes have arrived safely, that they fit and I am also thrilled with the model!

Then until next time...

Thank you very much and warm regards

S. S.|08.11.23

Dear Mrs. Bätz,

thank you very much for your kind words about my new Trippen shoes. It is always a very nice gesture of you to add some personal words. I really like the shoes, they fit exactly and they are super comfortable.

Many thanks and best regards,

Birgit W.|21.10.23

Dear Mrs. Bätz,

Today, I purchased the OCS Women's Booties from you. It was a bit challenging with the insoles, but I was so fascinated by these shoes. Afterwards, I went to my orthopedic shoemaker, and they removed the insoles from the shoes. It wasn't easy, but they managed to do it. Now, the shoes fit very well with my insoles, and I feel comfortable. It's a pleasant wearing experience. Finally, I have found a pair of boots that are not too bulky and heavy for my somewhat narrow feet. Thank you very much for the excellent advice, and I will definitely drop by again when I'm in the area.

Warm regards and have a great weekend.

Martina T. | 29.09.23

Dear Mrs. Baetz,

What a delight it was to unpack the expertly reworked Think shoes last Saturday. Thank you so much, also for your personal note. I've transferred the invoice amount. I greatly appreciate your work and look forward to our next visit to Erfurt, which we will certainly use as an opportunity to visit your store.

Best regards, Your satisfied customer

Jan M.|05.09.23

Good evening, Mrs. Baetz,

It's quite unusual to receive such nice handwritten lines. I was very pleased with both. Of course, I also love coming to your beautiful store, but with my red shoes, also from you, the soles wore out, so your online sales offer came just in time for me.

Warm regards, see you soon

Christel M.|04.09.23

Dear Mrs. Baetz,

Thank you so much for the beautiful shoes. They fit perfectly and are incredibly comfortable. The money is on its way to you. I'll be back in Erfurt no later than next May and look forward to browsing through your store.

Warm regards

Simone S.|02.09.23

Dear Mrs. Baetz,

Thank you very much for the wonderful shoes. They are comfortable and look cool.

Best regards

Gabriele U.|19.08.23

Dear Mrs. Baetz,

thank you very much for the wonderful shoes. They are comfortable and look cool.

Best regards

Gabriele U.|19.08.23

Hello Mrs. Baetz,

I am already looking forward to the new delivery and can hardly wait to wear the shoes out. I happily and with pleasure browse through your wonderful assortment and the very well-structured online shop.
Perhaps I will find something suitable again.

Kind regards,

M. J. | 16.08.2023

Dear Mrs.Baetz,

The '60s sandals I ordered from M.Baetz arrived at my home in the USA. I'm very pleased with the shoes! Thank you for your prompt service, and for carrying the P.Monjo brand. I haven't been able to find it here. I took a chance that size 40 would fit and they do! Normally I wear a 39.

Thanks again!

G. S.| 15.08.2023

Dear Mrs. Baetz,

I was away for a few days, and yesterday, the surprise! Thank you very much - the shoes are, as always, a perfect fit.

Stay healthy, and warm regards.

E. O.| 26.07.2023

Dear Ms. Bätz,

Today, my beloved Arche shoes arrived in their new splendor. Simply perfect! I am delighted with my decision to have them repaired. Many heartfelt thanks for this "successful operation" and the excellent communication on your part, as well as the masterful work in the workshop. Highest quality and absolute reliability... all your potential customers should know about this. I have promptly transferred the invoice online.

With many regards, B. K.| July 15, 2023

P.S.: You have a uniquely beautiful, aesthetic handwriting!

Dear Ms. Bätz,

Thank you so much for the experience! I find it astonishing how much heartfelt humanity could be delivered along with an online shoe order. I feel embraced. I am happy to return it to you. Feel free to publish my message. The whole world should know.

Warm regards,

U.R. | 05.07.23

Oh My goodness.!!!

the team at MBAETZ store in ERFURT has been so helpful to me.

My TRIPPEN Overall F shoes have just arrived (directly from the Trippen facility in Zehdenick, Brandenburg. Germany). Why straight from the production facility and not from MBAETZ? Well they knew I wanted the shoes for an event here in Chicago this week and they did their utmost to get them to me. Without their navigation I would have received the shoes but not in such an expedited fashion. I am so grateful. And further more right out of the box I can wear them. You see this particular model is known to run large and they were able to counsel me as to correct size. You can see from the shape of the foot bed I did not want to get the size wrong and these fit beautifully. This is my first pair of Trippen shoes and I was looking for a sandal with a boot style. I am delighted. Thanks very much to all the team at MBAETZ.

J. L.| 22.06.23

Dear Mrs. Baetz,

What a joy! The shoes arrived earlier than expected! The shoes have already become one with my feet! The shoes meet all my expectations! Arche has been my loyal companion for over sixty years! Thank you for your kind words, they delighted me the most!

Warm regards from the deep south, from Freiburg.

C. M. | 30.05.23


I am writing to inform you that I have received the order in perfect condition today. The shoes are wonderful, and I appreciate the speed and efficiency of your service. Additionally, your little handwritten message included in the package really made me happy. Thank you for bringing a smile to my day.

Have a wonderful day,

R.M. | 24.05.23

A fantastic collection of great quality. With wonderful customer support. The international shipping to Australia was swift and secure with DHL.

A. P. | 18.05.23


just to say thank you, my boots arrived in good time, carefully packaged. They are beautifully made and fit perfectly. Regards

M.| 25.01.23

Dear MBaetz team

The shoes have finally arrived and they are perfect. I don’t have high enough praise for the quality and ethos of your firm. You have treated me with kindness and professionalism throughout. I am full of gratitude to you and the team. This is something like the third pair of shoes I have ordered from you, and your service has always been excellent. I will certainly come back to you when I want more Trippen - but don’t worry, I’ll give you a rest first!

Lynda. M.| 13.01.23

The shoes arrived today and they are perfect - more beautiful and stylish than I had imagined. I love them. I wore the shoes to a concert this evening and was immediately complimented on them!

I will be back to you in due course for more Trippen I’m sure!

In the meantime, thank you again and all best wishes.

L.M.| 11.11.22

Received the Boots…they are now perfect! Many Thanks for expediting them and when they take Me to glorious Places I shall think of Your kindness! Best,

H.R.| 25.08.22

Hi! I can't believe how quickly the shoes arrived! They are very lovely and comfy, a purrrrfect fit! And my cat loves the box...and the string...thank you for the very kind note!

Claudia| 19.07.22

Thank you so much for making the beautiful red shoes, which I am wearing right now.
They are unique, stunning, and extremely comfortable.

It’s been a pleasure from the beginning.

Again, thank you so much!


Linda | 06.05.22

You do such a wonderful job with your shop. Your collection is beautiful, customer service great and shipping is fast & reliable. I’m happy to be one of your customers.

Thank you for doing so many things so well.

Wishing you all the best,

Helen | 19.02.22

I received my new trippen booties again they are so beautiful!  They actually arrived earlier then I expected.  The shoes are so beautiful.  I love the trippen brand  And I love shopping

The service is beyond what I expected. And I always enjoy the handwritten note.  I always find my size in a beautiful shoe. Until my next shopping experience. 

Melba | 27.01.22

Hi mbaetz,

Received the laces today, that’s really fast! Excellent service, I cannot thank you enough.

Stay healthy & safe!

Harald | 20.11.21

Dear MBaetz

The Trippen shoes I ordered arrived safely today. They fit like a glove. I am so happy with my order, that I have just purchased another pair of Trippen shoes ???? The service and speed of delivery from Germany to Australia was fantastic. Thanks so much - Dankeschon!

A customer | 10.10.21

I live in the US Atlanta GA, and I ordered 3 pairs of beautiful handmade designer shoes from Mbaetz Trippen.

Before I ordered them I had questions about ordering the right size being they were coming from an International store in Europe. Needless to say, when I sent my concerns via email, I got an immediate response from customer service representative, Livio, who was so helpful, very knowledgeable and always so kind. My emails of all my concerns were answered very quickly by Livio. Mbaetz customer service is awesome!

Also I ordered my shoes during the height of the pandemic, and shipping was also a major concern as well. But my shoes were shipped using DHL, and I was also impressed of such great customer service! The shipping company DHL, constantly sent me updates and tracking information about my shoe delivery while in transit, via text messages. I had no worries, and when DHL advised shoes were on its way, they were! My shoes arrived on time as DHL advised of the delivery date.

I would highly recommend this company, Mbaetz Trippen Shoes to anyone who would love to invest in great quality handmade shoes! The customer service is awesome! My experience was wonderful!

Nita D. | 08.12.2020

I am very grateful for the service, and a bit of shared humour.

David V. | 02.12.2020

Hi Livio,

The shoes arrived today and...... they're perfect! Sizing is good and I absolutely love them. Your advice and support was invaluable.

Thanks again and best wishes

Jane | 01.12.2020